Cop of the Month
October, 2010

PO Stephan Drenckhahn and PO Robert Hayes, described as young and hardworking individuals by Police Commissioner McAllister were chosen as the Cops of the Month for the month of October, 2010. During the month, they had six arrests total between the two of them. "I call them the dynamic duo, they're are always out there, at 2 o'clock in the morning when we are all tucked safely in our beds. These guys are doing car stops, sometimes by themselves, sometimes together," McAllister said.

The officers' two most significant arrests were for apprehending a graffiti vandal from Sayville. They also apprehended someone whom McAllister considered a potential predator. "He was driving in a Crown Victoria, which is a common vehicle used for policing, tinted windows, siren, lights, bogus identification shield like an EMS worker. If you'd flash it quick, you think he was a police officer or detective," McAllister said.

"These are the type of guys that we know have accosted women in unlawful car stops posing as police officers. He was charged with criminal impersonation of a police officer. Just through their diligence and being out there and stopping cars, they come across it," he added.