Cop of the Month
February, 2011

PO Robert Pedley and PO Brian Naughton were chosen as the Cops of the Month for February, 2011.

On the afternoon of Feb. 19, 2011 the quiet and calm of that Saturday afternoon was quickly broken as a Floral Park resident entered police headquarters to report she was in fear for her life. A short time earlier her 21-year-old former boyfriend had threatened to "take off her face and kill her and her family." The resident also stated that the subject owns a shotgun and a military-type knife. While the resident was at headquarters, a call was received from her father stating that the subject's car was parked in front of their house waiting for her to come home. Police were immediately dispatched to the west end location but the subject had left.

PO Pedley, PO Naughton, PO Wilson and PO Scanlon conducted a search of the area. Approximately 7 minutes after the call was received, PO Pedley stopped the subject at the corner of Mayfair and Daisy Avenues. When questioned, the subject admitted to PO Pedley that he was returning to the complainant's home.

Through excellent police work, the subject was found to be in possession of a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, a large military-style knife and additional shotgun ammunition was found in the subject's pocket. PO Robert Pedley, assisted by PO Brian Naughton, placed the subject under arrest. PO Pedley and PO Naughton conducted an interview at headquarters during which they obtained consent to search the subject's premises. PO Pedley and PO Naughton arrived to the subject's house in Valley Stream, where they recovered additional weapons, including a modified assault rifle. The subject was charged with felony weapon possession, and four misdemeanor charges.

Within 28 minutes after a resident walked into police headquarters a subject was apprehended and arrested. Through the professionalism, training, instinct and investigative skills exhibited by PO Pedley and PO Naughton the real possibility of a tragedy was averted.